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Mrs. Teacup goes to Finland: Update

Hello! OMG! I have been so busy! I can’t believe how many things I’m selling in my little vintage shoppe on Etsy!  The people at the Post Office are becoming my new friends! I am also completely stunned at all the boxes I’m shipping to Australia! Thank you my fellow Aussies! I love you.

Okay, so I wanted to update you on Mrs. Teacup. A while ago, I posted about my first sale to Finland – a delicate little teacup.

Well, she arrived safe and sound and her new owner (Nina) was sweet enough to send me photos of her new home…and some lovely shots from around town too!

This first one is from the town of Porvoo – a beautiful, quaint village where many people vacation during the summer. Nina was here, relaxing with her family, before heading home to Helsinki to pick up her tea cup from the post office. Doesn’t it look charming? I couldn’t help myself…I researched Porvoo and found some more gorgeous pics…look how pretty!

{images via}

I gotta add Porvoo to my list of places to visit…

Welcome to Nina’s home – Helsinki. She lives in a part of the city called, Vallila.

Nina describes Vallila as laid back community with an intimate, village atmosphere. With fresh fruit growing in community gardens and beloved cats meandering the quiet streets, she says it has been a wonderful place to raise her daughter. It has a hip side to it too, with many Finnish designers in residence. A brisk, 30 minute walk will bring you to the heart of Helsinki, full of culture, restaurants and plenty of activity. Vallila is also famous for its historical wooden houses (see above) which were almost destroyed in World War II. Thankfully, they have been preserved and are treasured by the locals. Nina lives in a lovely old home that was built in 1925. Let’s have a peek into her study where her new (old) teacup has found its spot.

Awww…she looks perfect on Nina’s desk. It’s so wonderful to see a once discarded object be reborn as a loved and well used possession.

Thank you Nina for sharing theses beautiful images from your home and thank you for purchasing this teacup – it was clearly meant to be yours.



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Friday (mini) Escape

Happy Friday, my friends! I don’t have time today for a full Friday Escape but I had to share with you this amazing home outside of Lisbon. It belongs to designer, Monica Penaguião, who obviously has impeccable taste! It’s no wonder her gorgeous store, Poeira enjoys much success. Enjoy the tour and imagine yourself stretched out next to that pool…sigh….

I’m pretty sure you would have to pry me away from this table…so dreamy!

I love the pops of rich color against all that white!

And I’m back at the pool…what a surprise. Seriously, I could lay there all day!

Hope you have a very relaxing weekend!


All images via Casa de Valentina

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Etsy Love: White Owl

Hello there! It’s raining outside (again) and I just made myself a hot cuppa tea. Gotta roll with the weather in Portland. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you a new favorite Etsy store called White Owl.  Ooooh…and is it full of pretty things! Check out these beauties…

White Owl is run by a sister team from Michigan, who uses vintage lace and materials to construct these whimsical pieces of jewelry. Aren’t they so lovely? Go visit their shop to drool over more gorgeous creations!

Hope it’s sunny where you are.



All images via White Owl

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Milk glass and Blue Hydrangeas

Wow, I’m so sleepy! Spent the day taking pics of new items for the vintage shoppe. Lotta work…but I love it. Before I drag myself away from the computer and go to bed, I thought I’d share a couple of shots…

I was loving the tones of the milk glass against the burlap bag and the softness of the blue hydrangea.

Okay nighty, night!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some new favorite stores I’ve discovered on Etsy.



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Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day to any of my French readers! Here are some lovely festive pics, celebrating this beautiful and inspiring country!








Need a French shopping fix? Mai, oui! Check out these Bastille inspired Etsy Treasuries!

Have a gorgeous weekend! We are off on a camping trip…I’m a little nervous because I was 15 the last time I slept in a tent! Hoping for beautiful, sunny weather and minimal interactions with spiders. (I’m a total arachnophobe.) Wish me luck.


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Vintage Scales

I have a thing for vintage kitchen scales. Not sure why exactly but ever since I started my hobby of treasure hunting, they just seem to call to me. Perhaps it is the lovely combo of being pretty and functional? You gotta appreciate that. Whatever it is, I just found one that I love. In the tiny town of Ennis, Montana, I discovered this beauty, hidden among the dusty relics of an antique store…

It’s a Hanson Farmhouse Scale model 2000 that was manufactured in the 1940’s. It works perfectly and although I adore it, I decided to list in my shoppe.

To soothe my inevitable separation anxiety, I combed the internet to round-up some more gorgeous scales…







See why I’m a sucker for them? So lovely and old.

Okay off to bed…so I can dream about more vintage pretties…

Have a beautiful Wednesday!



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