Organic delivery day

My "Organics to you" delivery today

You gotta love having fresh organic produce delivered to your doorstep on a rainy Portland afternoon!

A while back, I signed up with Organics to you and every second Tuesday they drop off a cardboard box of lovely, local, organic produce right at my door. It’s full of fruits and veggies that I probably wouldn’t typically buy…which forces me out of my cooking ruts.

Take bok choy, for example…baby bok choy to be exact. I’m sure I’ve passed these cute little guys countless times at the supermarket. I’ve been missing out. Not only are these guys adorable they taste great and are good for you too! Bonus.

Couldn’t you use a little bok choy in your life? Need a recipe? here.

My little baby bok choys...aww


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One response to “Organic delivery day

  1. I’m so excited that you shared this link! I’ve been wanting to join Organics to You for some time and now I’m all inspired!

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