Cheerful Calendula

With all the rain we’ve been having…it’s a joy to gaze at these bright flowers. I enjoyed their company in my garden this past summer and loved using their golden petals to make herbal infusions for some of Grace & Ivy’s lotions and creams.

Here’s a little background on the cheerful Calendula

The Romans named the Calendula, who observed the sunny little flower blooming on or near the first day of each month (calends). The Calendula flower prized for it’s beauty, was also cultivated to treat scorpion bites.  Throughout history it was used to treat depression, headaches, fevers and even plague symptoms. The orange flower traveled across the seas with the European settlers and was used in the American Civil War to treat wounds and promote healing.

Today, it is used in several herbal beauty products aimed at healing chapped, dry or irritated skin.  Helianol, a component of triterpene alcohols is present in the flowers’ petals, which has a potent anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.  It’s antioxidant power come from the carotenoids which give the flower its blazing coloration.

This Spring I highly recommend planting some in your own garden.  Their herbal and culinary uses are plentiful and it’s hard to resist their beautiful, bright faces.

Hope you all have a good Monday.


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