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Springtime clutches

So lovely…had to post these darling spring clutches, hand-made by Etsy artist: Briana Edelman.

So sweet.

I gotta get one of these.




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Mountain spa getaway

I may be in the middle of nowhere, but a lovely spa resort is not too far away…with a good winter package to boot!

Three hours northwest of here lies a secluded mountain hideaway…a historic hot springs resort that deserves a visit.  A gourmet five-star restaurant, extensive wine cellar, charming, rustic cabins and beautiful grounds – Chico Hot Springs should not be missed.

No phones or TVs, Chico is renowned for its peace inducing practices. Visit the spa and get their famous Yellowstone River Rock hot massage or detox with a Moor Mud Wrap. If you are more of the adventurous type, bundle up and go on a dog sled trek into the wild and breathtaking mountain wilderness.  Of course, one can’t miss the natural, hot spring pools for a good soak.

So, if you find yourself in the mountains of Montana consider a little detour for some serious pampering.

Yes, you deserve it.



Images via: Chico homepage, littlest.birds, jkatrta

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Meet Corky

I love horses. I admit I am not a fan of horseback riding per say, but I adore their beauty, their large sweet eyes and their powerful form. I went out today and took photos of my dad’s horse, Corky.

He doesn’t have a regal name (thanks to my dad’s quirky sense of humor) but he does have his own sense of majesty.

An agreeable model and ever curious…he came up to me to investigate my camera.

Meet Corky…




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Snow and Sunshine

The sun finally came out so Grace and I bundled up and headed outside for a stroll.

The light was so beautiful.

Grace was enamored with the shimmering snow.

We said hello to my Dad’s horse, Corky.

And….we walked up the hillside for a better view of the mountains and sky.

All in all…a fabulous afternoon in Montana.



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Lunch at the Corral Creek Coffee Co.

Sorry for the delay…but we did go into town yesterday and had a lovely lunch at a quaint little cafe. Decorated with vintage cowboy decor, family run and completely cozy, the Coral Creek Coffee Company delivered great service. We enjoyed home-made spinach, feta and bacon quiche, honey espresso lattes (see recipe below…so yummy)  and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Grace did have a melt down upon sitting down – apparently we were not sitting at the right table and her peanut butter sandwich was made with crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth (oh the trials of being three) but besides that drama we had a great afternoon.



Honey Espresso Latte

1 tsp honey

1 shot espresso

Steamed and foamed milk

Cinnamon for garnish

In an 8-ounce cup, combine honey and espresso. Fill the cup with steamed milk, top with a small dollop of foamed milk and sprinkle with some cinnamon. Then serve immediately.


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Vermeer meets Etsy


I got so inspired by my last post that I went hunting on Etsy to find beautiful items in the color palette of Vermeer’s – “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

I just couldn’t help myself.



1. pinkandwhitedesign 2. muyinmolly 3. LoveErica 4. RowansRoom

5. cindylouwho2 6. owlonthesill 7. pinkandwhitedesign 8. MothHouse

9. cinnamonfern 10. SRdesign 11. amyolsonjewelry 12. SmittenVintage

13. erinspencer 14. broochefrommaris 15. leavesofclay 16. resplendid



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