Random project: Soy candles

Don’t ask me why…but yesterday I had a sudden urge to make candles…I know it’s kinda random but it just sounded intriguing to me.

I adore candles and I spend a bloody fortune on them…so I thought why not? I make my skin care products why not make some candles while I’m at it. In all my free time. ha!

So last evening, off I went to the craft store, grumbling husband and whining three-year old in tow, where I found a cheesy soy wax candle kit. I got it anyway, deciding against the gaudy pink dye and synthetic vanilla fragrance.

I wanted to use pure essential oils and no silly colors.

The result…a simple white candle in a frosted glass with the heavenly aroma of lavender and vanilla.

Not too shabby…for my first go. Fun too.




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4 responses to “Random project: Soy candles

  1. Make sure you use a glass that is made for candles! I used to make candles in college and found out the hard way about the votive I was using! Let’s just say a fire happened, spread to the ceiling and fire extinguisher dust went everywhere. And for a year we found that dust. It is impossible to fully clean it up!

  2. not too shabby at all! bet it smells wonderful.

  3. Beautiful, looks enchanting:)

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