Grace & Ivy on TV

my dear hubby took this shot at home with his iphone while my 3 year old wondered, "How did mommy get into the TV?"

Got up with the birds this morning and headed over to Seven Planet where the Good Day Oregon crew were set up to shoot promotional scenes for several of Seven Planet’s suppliers, Grace & Ivy being one of them.

Nervous and lacking coffee I was immediately set up with a mic. Yikes! Lucky for me, Andy Carson, Channel 12’s much loved weather man, was super sweet, funny and charming which helped ease my jitters.

Before I knew it, the camera was rolling and I was on live TV!  Andy led the very short spot smoothly and I did okay…I think. Anyway, at the end of it all Grace and Ivy got two spots and the camera gave our brand lots of coverage so I’m thrilled!  I’ll follow up with a link when I get one. Stay tuned!

Oh, and for all my local readers go here where you can get a $25.00 gift certificate to Seven Planet for only $12.50. Go green for Valentine’s day and check them out.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!




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