Oregon coast road trip…

Okay…now that the week has settled down and Seven Planet‘s shelves are stocked with Grace and Ivy products, I can finally relax a bit and share some pics from my recent trip to the Oregon coast with friends. I was taking photos like a mad woman!  My poor friends had to put up with me constantly snapping shots like some wanna-be paparazzi photographer.

I am a complete amateur with a camera so bear with me. We hit two lovely vineyards on the way to the coast: The Four Graces and Domaine Serene. The sun was shining and we were completely blissed out.

Ahh…a perfect afternoon in Oregon’s wine country.

Next stop. The beach! Nye Beach to be exact.

We rented a fabulous condo right in the heart of town. Our first day at the coast was typical – drizzle, cold and misty, but the second day was a true gift! Sunny, warm and relatively still.

We walked on the beach for a couple of hours and let the sun warm our backs. It felt so delicious.

After our walk on the beach I had to walk by the ultra charming Sylvia Beach Hotel. Famous for its author themed rooms, like the somber Edgar Allen Poe room and the whimsical Dr. Suess room. Writers from all over are reported to visit this hotel to be inspired by the greats…although the breathtaking ocean views don’t hurt either.

I’ll post more about our adventures tomorrow…including our mission to acquire fresh Dungeness crab and my friend’s recipe for an amazing crab dinner…

Have a happy Thursday.





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4 responses to “Oregon coast road trip…

  1. Lauren

    LOVE the pics! The Sylvia looks amazing and other worldly and the *sun*! Hypnotizing. I miss it ;) XO

  2. I love your photos, the hotel is amazing, the trip must have been a real treat:)

  3. My husband and I have every intention of staying at the Sylvia Beach Hotel…. soon! I can’t wait to make our reservations! thank you so much for the pics- I’m so glad you had such a lovely time!

  4. Hi Amy. Oh I hope you enjoy your visit! I do love the coast! :) Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are doing well!

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