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Artist inspired interior

Today was cold, sunny and very windy here in Ennis. I found myself with a cup of steaming tea, gazing out at the mountains and perusing my favorite design sites. I stumbled upon this article from Veranda about a home inspired by Vermeer’s famous “Girl with a Pearl earring” painting – I was in love! (Vermeer is one of my favorite artists).

Had to share these amazing rooms by renown interior designer John Saladino. His palette of gray, cream, ivory, periwinkle blue, and lavender is heavenly. Splashes of rich blue and gold further tie the rooms to the famous portrait. I want to move in…





I’m headed into town tomorrow with my mom and Grace for a lovely lunch at one of Ennis’ charming cafes. I will hopefully capture some good pics and blog more tomorrow.

Images: Antoine Bootz

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Big Sky Country

Tomorrow, my daughter and I head to Montana to visit my parents. I absolutely love it there.

My parents have a cozy, lovely home on the outskirts of a tiny, western town called Ennis. It’s charming, rustic and so relaxing.

I kick around in jeans and cowboy boots, spend entire days reading by the fire, sip afternoon tea with my mom, play with Grace in the snow and end the day around the table with my family eating, drinking wine and discussing everything.

There’s something about the quiet there that really calms me. The crisp, clean air, the endless sky and the way the light changes every hour playing a kaleidoscope of colors across the mountains.

I hope to do some blogging while there and take lots of pics too. Enjoy these Montana photos of the our destination – the beautiful Madison valley.

Hope you all have a wonderful week where ever you are.



Images: Madison76

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Happy Sunny Friday

We are being blessed with another day of delightful sunshine here in Portland! It really does lift your spirit and so do these dreamy spring inspired interiors. I love all the light and the fresh flowers, of course!

I think I need to go buy a big bouquet of tulips. Right now.

Happy Friday!



Images via Veranda Magazine & Style at Home: 1. 2. & 5. Miguel Flores-Vianna 3. Pottery Barn 4. David Meredith 6. Thibault Jeanson 7. John Coolidge

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Comfort a cough with essential oils

My dear husband is suffering from a cold with a dry hacking cough. It’s been keeping us both up at night and so I headed to my herb and essential oil books to find some help. I mixed this up and it seemed to ease his symptoms.

Mix 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops lemon essential oil with 2 tablespoons of organic honey. (Aura Cacia actually makes a combo essential oil with eucalyptus and lemon..find it here.) Take 1 teaspoon of this and dilute in a glass of warm water. Sip it slowly. You can add a slice of lemon too.

Then massage the back and chest with 3 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops ginger essential oil diluted in 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil (any vegetable oil would do).

To do a steam inhalation, you could boil some distilled water, add 3 drops of lavender essential oil and inhale the steam deeply with you head and shoulders covered with a towel. Be careful not to burn yourself.  The lavender has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect.

Got these remedy from one of my favorite books: The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. It’s a great practical guide.

Hope you are in good health.



Image: lindseyalyce

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Inspiration of Light and Shadow

So my new addiction, next to Flickr is DeviantART…and I was lucky enough to happen upon an amazing photographer from Singapore: Zemotion.

This first one makes me want to stop everything and write a novel about this woman.  Her images have such grace and a beautiful balance of light and dark.  Lovely.

Enjoy her beautiful and inspiring work. View her gallery here.

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday.



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In love with Swallows

Since swallows are featured in my logo I thought I’d do a post dedicated to them. They are symbols of good fortune, loyalty and freedom.

1. Malleni 2. Sauriamami 3. Heliiheartbreaker

Found this beautiful little poem…

I love my hour of wind and light,
I love men’s faces and their eyes,
I love my spirit’s veering flight
Like swallows under evening skies.

Sara Teasdale



Mosaic Images:1. Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica), 2. Barn Swallow Takeoff Reifel Bird Sanctuary BC 30Jul2009, 3. swallows on wood shadows ldr, 4. Baby Swallows, 5. Tree Swallow/Tachycineta bicolor, 6. Tree Swallow Paradise, 7. 2 birds in a tree, 8. Baby Tree Swallow, 9. Baby Barn Swallows, 10. Barn Swallow in winter, 11. Tree swallow, 12. Barn Swallow, 13. Tree Swallows on Goose Lake Prairie


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