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H & M Garden Collection

Spring has sprung at H & M and I’m already planning my trip up to Seattle to go pick these flowers…

These sweet and fresh florals are just a peek at the new spring line aptly named – The Garden collection. Featuring lovely feminine looks, perfect for those sunny spring days that we are longing for.

With prices starting at only $14.95 you can’t beat H & M for a fabulous deal! Not sold…well maybe the fact that all these garments are constructed from organic, recycled materials may change your mind.

Inexpensive, ultra pretty and good for the planet too. Yes, please!

Now if only I could order online…sigh…



All images via H & M


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Inspired by Burlap

This simple, textured material has caught my eye.

Add a dash of vintage stenciling, french flair and elegant upholstery and this versatile fabric strikes a fine balance between rustic and formal. The fact that burlap is super cheap and can be up-cycled via coffee and feed bags gives burlap crafts a nice “green” edge too.

Find new burlap here. Old burlap here. Need vintage French stencils? Got you covered…here.

I’m not typically all that crafty but this I must try.

Check out these lovely burlap creations…

Have a lovely afternoon.



Images: 1. Raised in Cotton 2. EAB Designs 3. lilmissi 4. JolieMarche 5. & 6. funkyshique 7. Rosenatti

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Adorned Apothecary bottles

Found these on Etsy via the most beautiful EAB store. Immediately fell in love. Ordered this one (above).

Can’t wait to put it in my new office!

Aren’t they so lovely?

Image via EAB Designs

Yes, I know…I have spent far too much time on Etsy today…oh well.

Sweet dreams.



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Etsy – Portland style

I love to buy local. It feels good and it supports the people in your community. So this morning, with a lovely steaming cup of coffee, I perused Etsy’s Portland artists.

Have a look at some these talented locals…

Kenton Beadworks

Little Pumpkin Papers

Michele Maule


Make a cup of tea and get lost in the wonderful world of Etsy.

Have a relaxing Sunday.



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I heart cupcakes

It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. I need a cupcake.

Not sure why, but cupcakes always make me smile. Maybe it’s their size, or the promise of a sweet reward…but whatever it is, it’s pretty tough not be happy around cupcakes.

These precious little creations come from Kylie Lambert of Le Cupcake in Sydney, Australia and they are almost too pretty to eat!

So go on…have one. You deserve it.

Happy Friday!



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I’m dreaming of a farmhouse table…

Okay, so yesterday we found out that we got the rental home! We are thrilled.

We toured the house again yesterday and Grace ran around the backyard, giggling with delight! We even met the little girl who lives next door. She’s 3 1/2 and so adorable. Grace is so excited to play with her. She keeps asking me, “When are we going back to our new house mommy?” She’s almost as anxious as me.

My mind is buzzing with design concepts.

First order of business…the dining room. For the first time in seven years we will actually have one so, of course, I want it to be fabulous. I want to strike a balance between rustic, eclectic and elegant. I’ve always wanted a big, old farmhouse table so I think I will start there…

1. Rustic Farmhouse Dining, 2. Contemporary Comfort – Dining Room, 3. claire forlani dining room, 4. The old man in the dining room.

1. touches of turquoise & orange, 2. Updated Traditional Dining Room, 3. heather chadduck dining room, 4. Inspiration country dining room

As usual, Flickr has been a source of inspiration.  I am in love with those stenciled numbers on the back of the dining room chairs! So unique. So much fun to dream and get my design energy going again. Forgive my meandering into the interior design world – although Grace & Ivy is always a focus for me, setting up a new home is so exciting.

Another first, will be the opportunity to set up my very own office/creative space – an endeavor I have been craving.

Please do share any ideas you might have…as usual I love to read your comments!



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