Cuffs of Gold

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7. dirtystory 8. KaelinDesign 9. UNEARTHED

Just picked up the latest People Style Watch magazine (I always buy fun magazines for plane trips) and according to their fashionistas, gold cuff bracelets are very en vogue.

So, I went treasure hunting on Etsy to find some hand-made beauties.

I’m in love with # 7 myself. So pretty!






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5 responses to “Cuffs of Gold

  1. Great selections! Love 2 & 8!!

  2. Oh to answer your question about Maui. My favorite spots are swinging bridges hike and waimoku falls hike. On the way to swinging bridges I would also check out blow hole! Buy Maui revealed if you havent already. :) Email me if you have any questions. You will have a blast!

  3. #7 for sure! gorgeous.

  4. Love your ruby slippers:)

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