There’s no place like home…

my "ruby" slippers

I’m back home and spring has come early. Flowers are blooming everywhere and I am feeling peaceful and grateful to be back in my little cottage.

I went out, bought fresh flowers and then, starting at my front door, took pictures around my house and garden to celebrate.

Grace missed her Dad so much. She keeps running up to him, throwing her little arms around his neck and proclaiming, “I love you so much Daddy!” It’s pretty darn cute.

This month is going to be exciting for Grace and Ivy. I will be guest blogging on the fabulous blog, Haute Apple Pie. Can’t wait to do that and we are also going to be a featured supplier at Seven Planet’s Supplier Saturdays on March 20th, 2-6pm. So if you are local, come on down and get a free swag bag full of samples.

I love Portland in the Spring and with fresh opportunities all around, I can’t help but feel like a very lucky girl.

Vacations are lovely but it’s always good to come home…

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.




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