Closet Office anyone?

image via Country Living

Okay, so I don’t have the right kind of closet to do this…but I find these closet offices so adorable and functional too! Get inspired and convert that silly guest room closet into something that works for you!

image via Darth Cena

Image via Apartment Therapy

image via Design Sponge

image via Paula Prass

Make your workspace a place that is important AND pretty! Best of all, if it gets a little messy…shut the doors!





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7 responses to “Closet Office anyone?

  1. Those are great! They’re cute and a good way to save space in a small room. :)

  2. konnyaku

    I just died and ended up in heaven.

  3. I so want one, despite having a bigger office in our living room.

  4. Oh, god, They’re beautiful. And smart. I really want one.. hah

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  7. Richu

    reminds me of an ikea booklet :D…but wayyyyyyy bttr than that… :D

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