Supplier Saturday @ Seven Planet

I was lucky enough to be the featured Supplier at Seven Planet this weekend.

It was a glorious day in Portland…sunny AND warm…an irresistible combination to the sun-starved Oregonians. People were out in droves, wearing their flip-flops and shades.

Grace got to hang with me and "help" set up

I took up residence behind the “Tea Bar” in the light filled space that is Seven Planet’s home.

Grace and Ivy products lined the bar and I got to wear my Grace & Ivy apron that my husband bought me for Christmas.

Anxiously, I waited for customers to enter the store, eager to give away the goody bags I had  filled with samples of our products.

People trickled into the store, sun drunk and smiling. I got to meet some wonderful people, scrub their hands with our brown sugar scrub and share information about the products. All in all it was a great day and a great experience.

Our new Lavender & Chamomile Baby Wash & Lotion

Thank you to Seven Planet for opening your doors to Grace & Ivy and thank you to everyone who stopped by and showed their support.

It meant so much to me.





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2 responses to “Supplier Saturday @ Seven Planet

  1. I used your products this morning and I love them! I also want to Eleni’s that night for dinner- it was amazing! thank you so much for the suggestion-

  2. So glad you enjoyed the products and the dining recommendation! So great meeting you on Sat! Thank you for stopping by!

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