Shades of Gold & Gray

Sorry I’ve been away…moving is such a pain.

Anyway, I think I have decided on the palette for my very blank living room.

I am in love with these shades of gold and gray balanced with creamy whites. I want the room to feel peaceful, refined and elegant. I’ll keep you posted with the progress.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

Back to packing…



Images via Flickr & West Elm: 1. West Elm (center), 2. Ka la – Champagne citrine and gold-filled dangle earrings earrings, 3. 1970s Wallpaper design, 4. Gold and grey, 5. Gray and Gold Sunset, 6. 54/365 – Gold Rush, 7. Grey Wolf, 8. grey, gold, white, 9. Blue/Grey Pearl Stretchy Bracelet, 10. Gold and gray poppy stained glass window, 11. gold and grey, 12. gold and silver, 13. Gray & Gold


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One response to “Shades of Gold & Gray

  1. The house looks wonderful I am sure you will make it a very special home:)

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