Vintage treasures…

I wanted to share the treasures I discovered while happily roaming through Sellwood’s antique stores.

Yes, they are all sparkly…are you surprised?

Not sure what I will do with them yet but I sure had fun taking these pictures.

Don’t you love those 1920’s shoe clips? So pretty.




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5 responses to “Vintage treasures…

  1. Love your jewels and sheet music background
    I am in Vienna and it sparkles with crystals and music everywhere, Bach Mozart all dressed for the opera!
    Bravo! Ck

  2. Oooh Candace! I’m so jealous! One day I must go to Vienna!!! Take tons of pics! xo

  3. Megan


    You are so beautiful and have created a fabulous blog!!! I am so enamoured and inspired by your photography! I am a first-time reader who just spent the last hour perusing. Thanks for sharing the beauty and inspiration! Grace is the cutest! :-)

    Best wishes,


  4. these are so beautiful! i adore the last one.

    xo Alison

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