Love your desk

My desk has been bothering me. It was full of lovely things but it felt messy and unorganized…sound familiar?

Something had to be done.

While Grace painted outside, I cleared off the entire surface and started over.

I knew the vintage chalk board that I found antiquing needed to hold court as my inspiration board, so that went up first. With a little time and lots of moving objects around, it slowly fell into place.

I’m especially fond of my sting of inspirational images…thanks to Artful Blogging and Boho magazine.

Tomorrow I have to clean off the blackboard…it has far too much math on it for my taste. I just noticed this in the pictures.

I think some lovely poetry would do nicely.

How’s your desk looking? Does it need some love?




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4 responses to “Love your desk

  1. Anna

    Love the desk!! Whats on top of the desk? tablecloth?

  2. Nicole

    So does this mean you’re keeping the chalkboard? :)

  3. Marty

    I Love the chalkboard. Constantly reinventing my desk -cleaning off to start from scratch, vowing not to let clutter take me over again…..and yet it always finds its way back. I look at the mess and want to give in to the fact that quite possibly its “just me” and yet I keep starting over. Actually, I have a small mudroom nearby into which the overflow has started to accumulate. Strangely, when I am stressed out or frustrated by something I do my best cleaning – throwing away things I might not otherwise.

    I like the simplicity of your desk picture, especially the lace and pearls – which I think of as “heirloom simplicity” – I am in love with the subject of ‘keepsakes’ so I surround myself with items that have endured many generations in my family and have one room in particular into which I can step into ‘another time’ where I sometimes go to be ‘still’. The keyboard of my grandmother’s organ (from the 1800’s) is adorned with a cluster of roses, having long since lost their scent but which now look as tho the last young woman to have graced the keys there was suddenly called away and laid down this lovely gift from her suitor.

    Back to the desks – no doubt we should attempt to control them and not let them take over with lives of their own..haha

  4. Lauren

    The birds!! Perfection ;) I love all of it.

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