Soul searching anyone?

Okay, so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. It’s time to come clean. Although I post all these lovely things to my blog, I haven’t been completely honest.

You see, I’m trying to channel all this creative energy but I’m feeling scattered, a little lost and a lot frustrated.

You could call me a bit of a mess.

I have literally immersed myself into the blogging world and on the one hand I’m totally enamored and on the other I’m completely overwhelmed.

One minute I’m making a collage, the next I’m photographing flowers, followed by an intense compulsion to change everything in my house to french/vintage/shabby chic (much to my husband’s annoyance).

Is this soul-searching? What is the proverbial key to happiness and does it really need to be this confusing? Is there such thing as being over-inspired?

I’ve been reading Artful Blogging and it seems like this is something that many bloggers/stay at home moms go through, so that is encouraging.

Perhaps, it could be labeled as a creative evolution? That sounds better than a split personality…or a mental breakdown.

In the meantime, the laundry piles up, the drawers go unorganized and boxes, lining the garage, beg to be unpacked. Meal planning…no way! Blah…I have no time for such mundane things – or so my artist ego is telling me. I know I need to embrace both the domestic chores of my role as well as my artistic drive.  I’m just not sure how to find the balance.

Maybe I need to meander before I arrive at what truly makes me happy and fulfilled?

Speaking of meandering, my path has not been a straight one – creating Grace and Ivy skin care led me to blogging, which led me back to writing and a new and deep love of photography, through exploring blogs and their visuals it has brought me to crafting and essentially back to my creative self.


Ooooh…Oprah would be proud. I think I just had an Ah-ha moment.

I have gone full circle and have arrived back at myself. The artist. Oh.

{A moment of silence to let the ah-ha moment to sink in}

I feel better.

I’m going to post this before I chicken out.


p.s. Thanks for listening. Please let me know if you are going thru the same thing…I would love to hear about it.



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6 responses to “Soul searching anyone?

  1. I think we’re twins! I go through this constantly, my dear- let’s get together soon so we can catch up- it seems we have alot to talk about! I’m finally done with my traveling for a while, so I have lots of time- can’t wait to see you!

  2. *looks over at the dishes piled up next to the sink*

    Nope, I’d rather be knitting. :)

    Email me and we’ll catch up. I’m at a cross roads too.

    I keep remembering you and Joanne coming to school and being upset that you’d made a facial cleanser, but you’d experimented with bananas (I think) and you’d both wound up with increased acne for a few days ;)

  3. Marty

    I vote for Creative Evolution Ivy. There is time for all things in life that call to us. You are so inspired and gifted with your unlimited feel for art in so many descriptions of the word. Laundry? Ick! Laundry and meal planning and all that follows will Always be there- kick a wide path thru it and continue to envelope the creative soul that you are. While making yourself reach all the heights of the day that inspire you, you will only be a better mommy and wife to delight your family. So spread your wings and just keep flying……and secretly smile to yourself with great satisfaction that you are becoming the extremely well rounded person that will inspire those around you. Your ideas are beautiful -thanks for sharing them….and your thoughts as well. Have a lovely day – Every day !

  4. thepieholeoverfloweth

    I am thankful that we have the ‘blog’ world to escape to and find that creativity and brilliance we all once knew and used daily between the meal preparations, doctor’s appointments, cleaning (which I do on an obsessive level), changing diapers and playing referee.
    I vote for Creative Evolution. I know I feel better each day when I work out the creative side of my brain. I feel really good when I can work out my body and brain all in the same day.
    You are not at risk for being mental; evolution of life is now allowing you the tools and outlets so you don’t head down the crazy train road.
    Think about it, look at the two most popular authors in the past 10 years, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight and J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter. They both were stay-at-home moms that used their creative outlet of writing to evolve them into very, and can I stress very successful writers. Now how is that for Creative Evolution/Soul Searching?

  5. Lauren

    I especially love the first photo of you. And yes. The tortured life of an artist… romantic and maybe impractical… I love you. Your channels are open, you’re connected and ready… Amazing things are happening ;) XO

  6. Megan

    No wonder I love your blog so much! You are just like me!! :) I don’t have my own blog, but I definitely get swept up in creative waves of inspiration that interfere with tasks that would ultimately benefit me and appease my family… But who needs to apply for grad school when you can dream of designing the perfect—–? The mundane practicalities of life are simply not conducive to the whir of genius swirling around in one’s brain.

    Really Ivy, I am so thankful that you have shared your thoughts and inspiration on your blog– even though I’m miles from Oregon, it is a beautiful thing to know that somewhere, there is an artist who cares deeply about the same things as me.

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