The Magic Beach Cottage

We spent the weekend in the quiet beach town of Manzanita.  Friday afternoon, the winds were relatively calm, so we took advantage of this rare occurrence and hit the sand.

Later we explored the town…

Our little cottage was just off the main drag, so it was perfect for strolling. We enjoyed a fantastic bistro lunch at Bread and Ocean. Decadent grilled paninis and white wine. Lovely.

Being a book nerd, I had to check out the Cloud and Leaf bookstore. It was so charming! Intimate and whimsical with fairy lights strung about and books stacked floor to ceiling, I was instantly in love.

Manzanita is a wonderful Oregon beach town but the highlight – the real gem of our weekend, was the amazing cottage we were lucky enough to stay in.

Welcome to the Magic Beach Cottage…(that’s what Grace calls it).

Grace was enamored with the daisies, her favorite flower.

The old garage has been converted into a vintage inspired, rustic dining room. The perfect place to celebrate.

The fire pit was another added bonus. This chair was my home most of the evenings. Wine in one hand, smore in the other – I was one happy girl. Even the barbies joined us. haha!

Reluctantly, we packed our bags on Sunday, said goodbye to the magical cottage and made our way back home.

Grace sat on this bench outside the back door, not wanting to leave. She keeps asking when we are going back.

I wish I knew…


P.S. Thank you to Candace for sharing your special home away from home.



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14 responses to “The Magic Beach Cottage

  1. Marty

    The entire weekend sounds delicious “and” Magical. Simply Beautiful Pictures :)



  2. Fun to share magic with others and a little fairy dust!

  3. That looks like a very magical place. I wouldn’t want to leave either!

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