Red Square

I finally got an afternoon to myself and created another 4″ x 4″ collage square. Creating these miniature goddesses is truly a delight. I’m really tapping into my love of Art Nouveau and it feels wonderful. I created the collage traditionally and then played around doing some digital elements too. Kinda fun to blend the two mediums.

Slowly, I’m feeling more comfortable in my creative skin. Although, I know I have to push myself past that. Comfortable is not always good. Safe can be boring. Baby steps…

Here’s the digital version. Thoughts?

I just purchased a large piece of wood, with the hopes of doing a large collage.

It’s propped up against my office wall.

Staring at me.


I’m a little scared. That’s good right?

Hope you are conquering your creative fears!



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4 responses to “Red Square

  1. Marty

    This is a terrific collage – probably not within my normal range of conception but daring – keep stepping over the boundaries Ivy !!!

  2. Anne

    One of the scariest things out there is a blank page. Never be afraid to make the first mark.

  3. Beautiful! Great collage. I am just now discovering your blog, which I found through the BYW homework forum.. Love it so far.


    • Hi Caroline,
      Thanks so much! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. I’m hoping to do a makeover on it after our class. I’m learning so much already! Hope you are enjoying the class. I’m off to visit your blog now! :)xo

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