As Fall approaches…

Rain is blowing in as I type this – Portland is due to be gray for the next two days. A prelude of what is to come. A new season is approaching and I’m actually excited to greet it.

Tomorrow, I start my blogging class and I’m so thrilled. Grace goes off to school. Chris to work. Me and my computer are going to cozy up and get some work done. I hope.

As I daydream of what might lie ahead…I found myself thoroughly enjoying these beautiful images by Cedric Bihr.

Simple, serene and set with the hues of autumn, I had to share…

I’ll let you know what my homework assignment is tomorrow. If only I had been this excited about homework when I was a kid!



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5 responses to “As Fall approaches…

  1. kellypow

    Yay for the class starting! I’m one of your fellow classmates (and a soon to be Portlander :) So, from the next seat over, hello!

    (Also, your blog is lovely.)

  2. I’m also a fellow BYW classmate — and thanks for posting those lovely photos. I live on the other side of the country, but had my first chill walking out my front door this morning, which had me thinking of autumn today too. See you in class!

  3. First off… so jealous you get to live in Portland- it is my FAVORITE city. Secondly, that last photo of the porch just makes me swoon, wouldn’t it be great to do our blog homework sitting there? Looking forward to getting to know you this fall.

    • Hi Victoria! Yes I love Portland too!! Yes, that porch would be such a delight to do our homework on. It looks so peaceful. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better too! Don’t you love the whole blog-land community! Pretty amazing!! xo

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