Inspiration board

I created this inspiration board for my BYW class and I had to share it with you. It was such a fabulous creative exercise – playing with all the pretty pictures, postcards and shiny baubles I’ve been collecting. This is supposed to reflect my aesthetic and sense of style. I feel like it is pretty accurate, at least for now…

See it larger here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.




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9 responses to “Inspiration board

  1. hello fellow BYW student – can’t believe you already finished your assignment, this looks great!

  2. this is classy and inspiring
    your place is full of lovely things

  3. Wow! Another amazed BYWer for having finished your creative project. Quite an evocative inspiration board. Found you after reading your posted homework for week 2. I’ve been fearing writing part two as well. You’ve inspired me to forge ahead!

    • Hi Minny,

      I’m so glad I inspired you to keep going. That last question is a tough one but really worth answering, even if you have to fight with it a bit. :) Just visited your beautiful blog! It’s amazing! I love the design. You’ve got fantastic style! I’m a follower now! ;) Keep it up! Thanks for visiting me here. Seeya in class…

  4. Beautiful! I love your aesthetic.

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