A little encouragement

Things are definitely changing for me.

Grace has started full-time school…leaving my day wide open…

Yikes…now what? Well…I’m taking a blogging course and have signed up for the Sketchbook project. I’m starting to blog for other people and Grace & Ivy sales are on the up and up. It’s a whirlwind of activity but I’m rolling with it and trying not to freak myself out. I’m so good at talking myself out of stuff. My sixth grade teacher said I was afraid of success. That’s a handy trait…

Why do we hold ourselves back? Why do we fear our own power, our own greatness? Maybe because when you get to the top you have to fight to stay there. That’s what makes me shake in my boots. I’m not much of a fighter. At least I don’t think I am…

Today I’m gonna read this over and over:

And hope to believe in what I can do…

How do you deal with your own fears?

Be brave, friends.


P.S. If you love this beautiful statement, check out Valentina Ramos’ Etsy Store – full of fabulous art and inspiration!

Image via : valentinadesign


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3 responses to “A little encouragement

  1. Marty

    Oh Ivy….

    What a day for me to read your post. I absolutely love ” She Believed She Could So She Did” This is the second confirmation this very day of something important in my life. As I move along in my journey I will let you know what I am up to. I was never one to believe in my own power and of course I personally know that my creator is the power within any success that I have. There is a time for all things….and now is my time; I know this.

    You are such a diversified woman and you seem very unafraid to move toward the things you enjoy and the things that call to you. I remember, lol, the first day I left my little girl at pre-school, lamenting the fact that she never looked back and was so happy with her new achievement. I too wondered what in the world I would do with myself – it was as if an arm or leg was missing and I wandered around town trying to find myself. In time we evolved, she and I, into the people we were meant to be and our individual seeking of the heart’s satisfaction brought us together to enjoy many happy years as mother and daughter, then friends yet always with that special bond with which we started out. I wish that for you and Grace too.

    Be all you can be – take advantage of every day of life because it passes so quickly. You have such a wonderful outlet in your artistic nature.

    I Believe I Can…..So I Will !!!!

    Happy Monday ! :) Marty

  2. Hi Marty,

    I’m so touched that this quote resonated with you when you really needed it! I would love to hear more about your journey and goals…sounds like you are preparing for something fabulous! How exciting. I loved hearing about your daughter and how giving you both space to spread your wings was a true blessing.

    Thank you so much for your support and beautiful words. They mean very much to me and the ability to connect with other women through this blog has been absolutely inspirational and rewarding.

    I hope to keep “seeing” you visit my tiny little corner of the universe. You are most welcome.

    Much love and luck to you in all you do.

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