Sketchbook project – Day 1

I received my sketchbook in the mail a couple of days ago. A modest little thing but its blankness scared me. Today, I focused my energy and dug into working on it. Fear nearly overwhelmed me but as I sat quietly, sifting through my vintage papers, I discovered a wellspring of inspiration. I got into my “zone”.

That pesky little voice that tells me – “You can’t do this!” gets blocked out and my hands and eyes tell me where to place things. It’s a soothing feeling…trusting myself.  I should really do it more often.

Okay, so I documented some of the stages I went through…I question whether I did this to gather content for my blog or to procrastinate
…a bit of both, I suppose.

My theme for my sketchbook is – “boys and girls”.

The final first page…

Well…there it is. It’s a start right? I’m excited to keep going.

I couldn’t resist playing with this piece digitally too…

Hope to share another one soon!




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