A trip to Vienna.

This morning, I lovingly wrapped up samples of my products – two little treasure boxes filled with Grace & Ivy goodies.

I’ll be sending them on their big trip to beautiful Vienna, tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t cost me a fortune… ahh…it’s so worth it! Fingers crossed that they will land safely into the hands of Katharina, owner of the lovely spa, Stressdeponie. Translation: Stress landfill – a place to dump all your stress. Sounds good to me. Katharina offers massage, spa treatments and organic products. Look at her amazing space…

How I wish I could accompany my little bottles and jars…

Look how pretty they look…all dressed up ready for Europe. I’m jealous.

Safe travels little boxes.¬† Maybe….no, NOT maybe…I will deliver my goods to Vienna in person one day. :)

Happy Friday my friends.



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4 responses to “A trip to Vienna.

  1. Congratulations! That’s wonderful! They look so good, I’m sure they will have a safe and productive trip :)



  2. Rachel Brown

    What a beautiful spa and what beautiful products! Seriously…love.

  3. Hi Ivy, I’m checking out all the blogs whose week 2 homework cuaght my eye! Your is beautiful! I have a series that I do called Imaginary Vacations and I saw that you mentioned that you’d like to do that too. Maybe we could guest post on each others blogs? Let me know!

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I just went and hung out at your blog and I love it! You are so funny and your writing is really authentic. Your little boy is so adorable too! I love the idea of guest posting and would be honored to do it! I will be playing with these “Virtual Trips” in the next couple of weeks so let’s stay in touch and we can explore this idea. Sounds like fun! :)

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