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A trip to Vienna.

This morning, I lovingly wrapped up samples of my products – two little treasure boxes filled with Grace & Ivy goodies.

I’ll be sending them on their big trip to beautiful Vienna, tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t cost me a fortune… ahh…it’s so worth it! Fingers crossed that they will land safely into the hands of Katharina, owner of the lovely spa, Stressdeponie. Translation: Stress landfill – a place to dump all your stress. Sounds good to me. Katharina offers massage, spa treatments and organic products. Look at her amazing space…

How I wish I could accompany my little bottles and jars…

Look how pretty they look…all dressed up ready for Europe. I’m jealous.

Safe travels little boxes.  Maybe….no, NOT maybe…I will deliver my goods to Vienna in person one day. :)

Happy Friday my friends.



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Sketchbook project – Day 1

I received my sketchbook in the mail a couple of days ago. A modest little thing but its blankness scared me. Today, I focused my energy and dug into working on it. Fear nearly overwhelmed me but as I sat quietly, sifting through my vintage papers, I discovered a wellspring of inspiration. I got into my “zone”.

That pesky little voice that tells me – “You can’t do this!” gets blocked out and my hands and eyes tell me where to place things. It’s a soothing feeling…trusting myself.  I should really do it more often.

Okay, so I documented some of the stages I went through…I question whether I did this to gather content for my blog or to procrastinate
…a bit of both, I suppose.

My theme for my sketchbook is – “boys and girls”.

The final first page…

Well…there it is. It’s a start right? I’m excited to keep going.

I couldn’t resist playing with this piece digitally too…

Hope to share another one soon!



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A little encouragement

Things are definitely changing for me.

Grace has started full-time school…leaving my day wide open…

Yikes…now what? Well…I’m taking a blogging course and have signed up for the Sketchbook project. I’m starting to blog for other people and Grace & Ivy sales are on the up and up. It’s a whirlwind of activity but I’m rolling with it and trying not to freak myself out. I’m so good at talking myself out of stuff. My sixth grade teacher said I was afraid of success. That’s a handy trait…

Why do we hold ourselves back? Why do we fear our own power, our own greatness? Maybe because when you get to the top you have to fight to stay there. That’s what makes me shake in my boots. I’m not much of a fighter. At least I don’t think I am…

Today I’m gonna read this over and over:

And hope to believe in what I can do…

How do you deal with your own fears?

Be brave, friends.


P.S. If you love this beautiful statement, check out Valentina Ramos’ Etsy Store – full of fabulous art and inspiration!

Image via : valentinadesign


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Inspiration board

I created this inspiration board for my BYW class and I had to share it with you. It was such a fabulous creative exercise – playing with all the pretty pictures, postcards and shiny baubles I’ve been collecting. This is supposed to reflect my aesthetic and sense of style. I feel like it is pretty accurate, at least for now…

See it larger here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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As Fall approaches…

Rain is blowing in as I type this – Portland is due to be gray for the next two days. A prelude of what is to come. A new season is approaching and I’m actually excited to greet it.

Tomorrow, I start my blogging class and I’m so thrilled. Grace goes off to school. Chris to work. Me and my computer are going to cozy up and get some work done. I hope.

As I daydream of what might lie ahead…I found myself thoroughly enjoying these beautiful images by Cedric Bihr.

Simple, serene and set with the hues of autumn, I had to share…

I’ll let you know what my homework assignment is tomorrow. If only I had been this excited about homework when I was a kid!



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Today, my family lost Jake to cancer. He was 9 years old.

I was there the day we picked him out of his litter. A dirty, stinky, lovable, big pawed pup. So full of life. We took him home and gave him a bubble bath. That day he captured our hearts.

A little prayer for our dear friend…

Jake, I pray that you will always gaze upon the Montana mountains…

I pray that you will roll in every patch of heavenly snow and jump into every shimmering puddle, stream and river…you always loved the water.

I pray that you will come back and visit your horse buddy, Corky.

Most of all, I pray that you know you were adored, loved and cherished.

Silly, goofy, sweet, playful, trusting, loyal – Jake you will be sorely missed. I love you. Goodbye…

To my parents, who had to be the ones to put him down today, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there with you.

To anyone who has lost a special animal…I send you my love and my sorrow.



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