Home office makeover

For the past 48 hours, we’ve been hard at work redoing my home office…or as I like to lovingly refer to it – my studio. For months, I had put off re-designing it. Not really sure why? I think  I was scared I would make a mistake but finally I worked up the courage and tackled it. Chris devoted some of our budget to it and voila – a NEW creative space for Grace & I!!! Check it out…

Now Grace and I have a space to craft together. She loves her new “big girl” table!

The decor is a blend of new pieces from Ikea and old items I’ve collected from various antique and thrift stores.  I like the contrast between the clean white lines and the imperfection of the found objects.

Now this room feels like me!

Do you have a special place in your home where you create?

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


p.s. Don’t forget…we are off to Greece on Wednesday! If you missed our other “trips” catch up here and here.


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7 responses to “Home office makeover

  1. Holly Molly! Your place is GORGEOUS!! I love both your and daughter’s work space. White makes your rooms so romantic. Your new space I’m sure will help you have even more creative ideas. Enjoy your trip to Greece! I thought that you just got home from Italy and you’re off again!! Lucky you!! I look forward to your posts about Greece and your photos especially. xo Kaho

  2. So beautiful Ivette. Wow!! It looks amazing! You are one talented lady.

  3. we always put OFF doing the important space we are always in – our office! You have encouraged me do do something, ihave put it off since I was hoping we would be moving soon- but maybe it is time to revamp for winter and truely enjoy the place I have to be productive and creative!
    Thanks for the nudge yours is delightful!

  4. joanna

    this is so beautiful! as always you are a creative inspiration!

  5. Great Job!!! Love the extra craft area for your daughter!

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