Golden leaves at my feet

I took these pictures the other day outside my friend’s home. Autumn, to me, is a magical season. A time to watch the mastery of nature’s brush, while preparing for the colder days to come. To plan, dream, consider, ponder and reflect. After the spontaneous energy of Summer, Fall feels quiet, thoughtful and comforting.

The golden leaves, both at my feet and overhead, dazzled my eyes; the sapphire sky, the perfect contrast.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

What do you love about this season?

I hope your path is paved with golden leaves.




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3 responses to “Golden leaves at my feet

  1. Marty

    What do I love ? it’s almost odd; the beautiful leaves changing of course, but something else. ~knowing that fall will bring winter which will close us inside for awhile as we watch from the window. Don’t think me strange, but I look out from his desk in the office and whisper to my late husband who is just in another place ‘the leaves are changing on our tree again darling..and you aren’t here to see it with me’. This will be the 5th time I have said that but its alright………..with tremendous certainty I know we will be watching more spectacular sights together again one day……and, after winter – Spring brings with it that renewing that refreshes and enables us to take a deep soulful breath and live yet another year ~ a gift from God.

  2. Nature’s first green is gold. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, post and wish for your readers! Since I live in California the change from summer to fall is a welcome one. A crisp breeze pics up and the air feels rejuvenated! Such a great time of year!

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