Anahata Katkin – Postcard Tins

Rummaging through the antiques yesterday, I found myself drawn to tins. Tin boxes, tea tins, chocolate tins, candy tins…you get the idea. So when I found these stunning tins by Anahata Katkin, I had to have them. No they are not old, or vintage but they are covered with her beautiful artwork and filled with gorgeous postcards. What great gifts!

Aren’t they yummy!? Go here to order your own! For an extra treat, go visit Anahata’s inspiring and quirky blog.


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2 responses to “Anahata Katkin – Postcard Tins

  1. I love her stuff. And if I remember correctly she’s local to Portland.

  2. I love these, too! All her work is so playful and cheerful. Have a great weekend! xo – g

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