Forest Light: My Self-Portrait Assignment

Ever since I started showing an interest in photography, my dear hubby promised to rummage through our storage and pull out the old tripod he has from college. I tried not to bug him…but from time to time I would gently mention it. Last night he emerged from his office. A garbage bag in one hand and the tripod in the other. He had spent the evening cleaning out the closets. Good lad.

He handed it to me with a broad grin and said, “Go take some pictures!”

So today, when the beautiful fall light was streaming through the forest that backs our house, I did just that.

Bear with me…I’m new at this and since I had no one around to photograph, I thought a self-portrait was a fair assignment.

{click on images to view larger}

I showed these to Grace and she said, “Oh Mommy the light is so beautiful!” I love that kid! Then she asked me if  I was playing hide and seek in the last one. “Are you counting to ten?” she asked. Now, whenever I look at that one I crack up, because she’s right! ha!

I hope to take more photos this weekend. Of course, I’m not expecting sunshine…oh well.

Have a relaxing weekend!




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6 responses to “Forest Light: My Self-Portrait Assignment

  1. Awww Grace is so cute! And so intelligent. :)

  2. Iris

    These are beautiful! So proud of my niece. Your many talents never cease to amaze me. <3

  3. Marty

    I agree with Nicole – how intuitive that her first response was about the light….very beautiful pictures Ivy !

  4. Rachel Brown

    How did you catch all of those spirits floating around?



  6. I like the texture of grey in the bark and the contrast of smooth yarn in your sweather nice contrast – soft and hard.
    Great hubby!

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