Hello my beautiful tree.

After a teary eyed day, picking up all Sydney‘s toys and cleaning out her food bowl…I needed something pretty to work on…something to cheer me up.

On Saturday, Chris brought home the most beautiful tree for us. It’s our first real tree! I haven’t had one since I was a kid. The whole house smells amazing!

I set to work decorating it…

I kept it super simple using only silver and white ornaments and paper snowflakes. Instead of a star I crowned the tree with sparkling branches.  It was an honor to adorn such a grand tree and I often just sit in the living room and smile up at it. I’m still missing my kitty but this gorgeous house guest brightened my day. Thank you tree.

Have you decorated your tree yet? How did you do it?



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4 responses to “Hello my beautiful tree.

  1. Suzy

    Oh my. Your tree and house is simply stunning. I am in awe… Very elegant.

  2. I looooove your tree!! I have silver and gold because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. I have both silver and gold decors in our house, but I think now I like silver better and having white will be a very nice addition. I have to look for white stuff for next year. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree!!

  3. girl, it is gorgeous! I’m so glad to hear that it is brightening your day!

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