Happy New Year

Hello Friends! Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were lovely. We had a fabulous time here. Lots of food, wine and laughs! A wonderful Christmas with everyone under one roof – ours. Having the space this year, to host the festivities, was a real treat!

Today, we took down the tree (boo!) and all the twinkling lights (I miss them the most). I really hate taking down the decorations. It always makes me a little sad…like unpacking after a beautiful vacation…there’s so much build up, so much excitement and then it’s all over so fast. ho hum.

On the up side, I know 2011 is going to be fantastic! I’ve got lots of ideas and inspiration and I’m truly excited to see where this New Year will take me.

Speaking of inspiration…over the break, Chris got me Photoshop Elements and I’ve been dabbling with digital collage…wow…can you say FUN!

Here are my first three attempts…

I am having a blast playing around with this new medium. So many possibilities!

What’s inspiring you right now? Got big plans for your New Year?



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5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Ivy, I just love these so much! they would be gorgeous framed all in a row- xoxo- love you!

  2. Wow, gorgeous, Ivy! Wonderful that you are having so much fun with this. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! xo – g

  3. joanna

    Hi Ivette,
    Happy New Year! I miss you! and think of you often! I love the new art …. you should sell these as prints! I would totally buy them. I especially love the 1st one…..
    Love Jo

  4. Wow! These are wonderful first attempts…looks like you’ve been doing it forever.
    My friend Amy told me about your blog – she said it’s one of her favorites. :)

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