Dreamy Whites – a new blog to love

Hello there. I hope your Sunday has been relaxing.

I just discovered a new blog – Dreamy Whites – via Houzz (an online interior design source), that I’m completely in love with. Maria is the author of this delightful blog and is one talented lady!  She magically finds time to juggle five kids, a husband and a beautiful ranch home while expressing herself creatively through interior design, photography and graphic design! Can you say Super Woman?

Oh, and her home is being featured in this book, by Fifi O’Neill (who also has an amazing blog) ! Just added it to my wishlist!

Her style, photography and writing resonated with me…so I had to share! Check out these pics of her lovely home…

Gorgeous right!? Her rooms feel so dreamy and romantic. One day I hope my home can be this enchanting!


All images via Dreamy Whites


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2 responses to “Dreamy Whites – a new blog to love

  1. Kola

    I love the pics you’ve posted! What I like most is the way how she incorporates pops of color throughout the room. Nothing that will jump out at you but suttle colors.

    Please check out my site for any inspiration I can give you for your next design project!

    • Thanks Kola! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Yah, she is one talented lady! I tried to check out your blog but it says it no longer exists? :( Let me know if it comes back up. Thx for stopping by. xo

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