Escape to: Santorini

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Portland. Yes, I even can deal with the rain…but I’m only human and sometimes on a dreary, wet day like today, I can’t help but dream of the sun, warm sand and an exotic destination. We haven’t been anywhere in a long time so, while this isn’t a full on Vicarious Vacation…I thought we’d revisit Greece for a moment. Sit by the pool, sip a drink and feel the warmth of that glorious sun on our faces…ahhh…sounds so good.

Last time, I took you to Hydra Island and that was spectacular but today we are going to peek in on the island of Santorini and a gorgeous resort called Vedema. Let’s go…

Oh Greece…how I love your blue and white! Cobblestone streets and blooms everywhere, I’m in heaven.

Oh yeah…this looks like our kind of place…

Yes…more blue and white. It’s so fresh and I find it rather hard to get sick of, especially with all that sunlight pouring in! Let’s check in.

Of course I got us a gorgeous suite! Only the best! I love all the white in these rooms with the splashes of bright color. I feel tanner already!

A cocktail poolside you say? I’m so there!

Santorini as night falls…so gorgeous right?

Ahhh…okay, I feel a tad better. It’s nice to just escape for a minute isn’t it? Hmm…I might have to plan little escapes for us each Friday. We deserve it don’t we?

Have a fantastic weekend!




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14 responses to “Escape to: Santorini

  1. Marty

    Well you’ve just made my weekend. I will dream of Greece until Monday morning. Yes the blue and white are so clean and perfect ! Happy Friday !

  2. I so need to go to Greece! I’ve been dreaming of it for a while now!

  3. Hera

    Beautiful! I hope to make it to Greece sometime in my lifetime. After all, with a Greek name I’d better! I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. It’s very calming with an elegant tranquility. Regular Friday escapes sound good.

    • Hi Hera! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying it. Yes, your name is very Greek and so pretty!! Hope your weekend has treated your well! xo

  4. I’ve been to Santorini last year and it was so beautiful! Looking at these I wish I was back there, beautiful photos!!!

    • You are a lucky girl to have been there! One day I will go for sure! Thanks for visiting. Just checked out your blog. Love the pictures of your cats! They are beautiful! xo

  5. Oh, thank you, thank you for this! So refreshing in this drizzly, windy week we’re having! xo

  6. When are we going? Let’s ditch this gloom and head into the blue……….

  7. Lovely pictures. Santorini is nice but not my favourite because I prefer Folegandros, Amorgos and Serifos.

    • Hi Andrew…sounds like you’ve been lucky enough to experience Greece to the fullest! Lucky! One day I hope to explore it all too! Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by. I just checked out your travel blog! Very cool! xo

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