Monday Mood Board : Pink & Gray

If you haven’t already enjoyed the beautiful mood boards created by Lovely Clusters and Creature Comforts, you’ve been missing out and I encourage you to go take a peek. I find them so inspiring, I thought I’d try my own.

While I adore gray by itself, you can’t help but love it even more when it is paired with soft pink.

What color combos make you swoon?

Have a beautiful Monday.


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6 responses to “Monday Mood Board : Pink & Gray

  1. This is gorgeous, Ivy! I have to say pink and gray and mauve are one of my favorites! xo

  2. Thanks Georgianna! I’m glad you liked it! More too come. ;) xo

  3. Marty

    The pink with gray is lovely. I love natures colors. Oprah was in Austraila showing the Great Barrier Reef and the lighter blue sky and the deep blue water were exciting and inviting. mmmm.

  4. Glad you liked it Marty! Oh I love the colors of the Great Barrier Reef! I was lucky enough to visit it before we moved to the United States. It was amazing!

  5. You always find the most creative sites – thanks!

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