Valentine’s Day Cards

Grace is thoroughly excited that V-day is just around the corner. Everyday she comes home, goes straight to her craft table and draws a million hearts in every shade of the rainbow. As she rushes by me in a blur of pink and white, I ask, “What are you doing?”

She puts yet another Valentine day card on the fridge and says over her shoulder, “Mommy, I’m getting ready! Don’t you know that it’s Valentine’s day soon!”

The girl just can’t get enough of those hearts.

So, here’s what I usually do for the Valentine’s day exchange in her classroom…the night before, I drag myself to Walgreens, buy the super commercial Valentine 24 pack , usually with some sort of Disney princess on it…grab a bag of Hershey’s kisses and call it a day.

Does it get the job done? Yup.

Is Grace excited about her generic Valentine cards? Yup. (You could put a Disney princess on an old shoe and she’d like it!)

BUT… is this method creative? Does it show that I want to be involved? well….not so much. For a busy mom, this works great…but since I’m not really that busy…I think I could do better right? I mean, I didn’t go to four years of art school for nothing. So this year, I have decided that we will be making our Valentine Day cards. Me and Grace. Our little project. So, I’m sure you are wondering what we are doing? Well…right now…I have no idea. So I went on a hunt for inspiration!

I love the idea of cutting out hearts from fabric scraps. The quilting shop near us sells baskets of scraps for just a couple of dollars.

With Grace’s cupcake obsession we have no shortage of these liners. A little glue and some pretty hearts and voila! Easy!

I just adore this idea! Get some cute stamps, a black ink pad and a stack of paint swatches! Just ignore the strange looks at Home Depot

So sweet. I don’t have a sewing machine but I think you could tape the edges too. Pretty tape would work even better!

Tracing her hand is one of Grace’s favorite things to do so this one would be right up her alley! Nice personal touch.

If you are just not feeling the crafting vibe this year…forgo the store-bought cards for these really cute free printable Valentine’s….

Click here for the download link.

Do you have any Valentine traditions? Whatever you do for V-day…have fun and indulge in a little chocolate!


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13 responses to “Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Marty

    Oh yes…A little Chocolate is good for the soul……and by all means we must “get ready” :)

    The ideas are great…….and yours will be the Valentine a little girl will tuck in a scrapbook or memory box and still have when she is grown saying “I remember Grace” ! :)

  2. just what i needed at end of day – clever ideas and sooooo pretty! ck

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  5. jessica


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  7. OPeX studios

    I was fond of the mother/daughter project side of this and the variety of creative ideas. Shared a link to it at a website for a project we are running.

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  12. WHAT´S THE TRICK TO MAKE ONESELF BELIEVE IN ONE´S ARTISTIC SKILLS AND WORK? All my life I´ve been told art doesn´t make a living or ” there are already too many artists making real good pieces, who would want to look at your things”. Thank You Ivy and Congrats fo achieving such a beautiful path! Love. Joana (Lisbon, Portugal)

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