Friday Escape: The Most Romantic Hotel in the World

My first thought of where we should go today was Paris. With Valentine’s day upon us, I figured it would be a suitable destination…but…I found myself hesitating. Too obvious. So, I did a little digging and decided to take us somewhere a little bit unexpected – India!

Currently ranked as the most romantic hotel in the world is the breathtaking Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Incredibly beautiful and dreamlike, this white marble palace seems to float on Lake Pichola waters, like a precious ivory flower. This architectural masterpiece was built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1743. Royalty used it as a summer get away to escape the intense heat. Not too shabby for a summer home right? Let’s go!

Obviously we’ve got to hop on a boat to get to the palace so…all aboard!

Almost there…

Welcome to the Palace. Ready to be treated like Royalty? Yes please.

I can’t wait to see what the rooms are like! Let’s have a peek into several of the suites…

Gorgeous right? Tough choice! But I think we deserve the Presidential Suite…don’t you? Go big or go home.

Check out the view from our private terrace! This place is beyond magical.

I’m dying to explore the pool and gardens…come on…

I’m getting the feeling that romance was actually born here. Aren’t the grounds stunning?

Okay, so I have a real treat for you. We usually hit a spa of some sort on our escapes but today…we are actually going on a SPA BOAT! Yup. Why not sail on the gentle waters of the lake while we slowly slip into a state of bliss…here it comes…

This spa boat idea is pure brilliance!

As the sun sets, let’s go enjoy some dinner…

Don’t want to join us? Would you rather have a private dinner out in the middle of the lake with your love? Go for it. It can be arranged. How’s that for romantic?

As for the rest of us…let’s enjoy a cocktail in the lounge while our table is being prepared…

I think we should dine in the gardens…don’t you?

I leave you here to enjoy your meal and watch as the Palace is veiled in darkness. Experience the twinkling lights of a thousand candles, the fragrance of exotic blooms and hopefully a romantic night you’ll never forget!

Thanks for coming with me on this Friday escape.

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! Spend it with those you love.


p.s. Not quite ready to leave the Palace…watch the video tour here.

Images via here, here and here.



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8 responses to “Friday Escape: The Most Romantic Hotel in the World

  1. Wow that place is amazing. Love the spa boat.

  2. Glad you liked it Nicole! Yeah the spa boat is awesome. I could use one right about now… :)

  3. Marty

    You said Paris….I was like “yeah” ! then you said no, India….and I said “what” ?? Girl you were right on with it. The last place I would ever have thought of for romance.
    The boat spa – I would make the trip for that alone !

    The suites were georgous – the whole place was georgous ! The palace – wow. Ivy, you are just too much fun…when are you going to open your travel agency?????

    What a great start to my weekend. Thanks Sweetie ! :)

  4. LOL. :) I’m so glad you enjoyed it Marty! Thanks so much! Have a great weekend! xo

  5. oh my gosh this place is freakin beautiful! I just discovered your blog… do you just travel everywhere to beautiful places?? I am so jealous!!

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