Looking out

I am in a strange mood today. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I am extremely sleep deprived. Yeah. That’s probably it.

You know when you just are kinda spaced out…can’t quite connect with your day and you get easily distracted. I went from the couch to my bedroom (with the intention of making the beds) and ended up becoming completely engrossed with taking pictures in front of the window in my bathroom. Weird, I know…but I liked the light streaming in…

It was fun experimenting with my camera – adjusting shutter speed and aperture. I took dozens of awful shots…only to get a few decent ones. But, I’m learning so it’s all good, right?

Honestly, I always feel so strange posting pictures of myself…but I don’t have anyone else to photograph. I guess it’s good practice.

Okay…back to the laundry…ho hum.

Tomorrow will be our Friday escape so don’t miss it!



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8 responses to “Looking out

  1. pretty and soft, love the lighting!

  2. Marty

    Love the pictures – you make a beautiful model. They are ethereal – highly refined and delicate. You should do some of yourself and ‘princess’ Grace in the same light as these. :)

    • Thanks so much Marty! I can always count on you to make me feel better when I post something I feel nervous about! I so appreciate your encouragement! Sometimes it’s scary to put yourself out there creatively…at least for me it is. Thank you!!! And yes I would love to do a photo shoot with Grace if I could ever get her to work with me. She’s at that make a silly face stage whenever I point the camera her way. :) She’s the best model…when she’s asleep! haha!

  3. I love these photos!! Who’s a secret supermodel….(*you!). Gorgeous. Love your budding photography! XOXO

  4. I love the second and last one! You are so pretty!

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