Flowers for you

Hello there.

For Valentines Day, Chris brought home flowers for Grace and I. Roses for me and tulips for Grace. We were both very pleased!

I took photos of the bouquets, of course. While I was photographing them, Grace stood watching.

I made the comment, ” Aren’t they just so beautiful? I wish they lasted forever!”

She looked at me for a moment and said nothing, as if contemplating my statement.

Finally, she nodded solemnly and said, “Yes mommy, that would be nice but then they wouldn’t be so special.” I was floored. She says the most profound things sometimes! She amazes me.

Anyway, here are the pics…a little late.

As usual, I couldn’t resist playing around with some textures. This last one is from Kim Klassen’s collection. Go check out her awesome blog. She has some amazing photography (gallery here) and lots of ideas and tips!

Have a lovely Tuesday.



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7 responses to “Flowers for you

  1. Thanks for the website! Lots of goodies and I love all the e-courses available!

  2. Oh, and the way, your photos are beautiful =)

  3. These tulips and roses look amazing. I love the colors and how beautiful they look. Simply amazing post.

    • Hi Babygirl – Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! Your blog is fabulous! I can’t wait to see the Great Gatsby…in 3D…hmmm. That should be interesting… xo

  4. Marty

    Really beautiful pictures…and your little Grace has alot of depth. She will probably be something intensive when she grows up – a designer or a writer.

  5. Becca

    Beautiful pictures! You’re very talented!

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