Snow day

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that we have had many false predictions of snow this winter…much to my disappointment.

But today, we finally got the white stuff! We woke up to a winter wonderland and I quickly got dressed and ran outside with Grace to take pictures…

Grace was reluctant to model for me, but for the bribe of two Hershey kisses she did a fabulous job!

Hope you are having a beautiful day where you are too! Snow or not.



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7 responses to “Snow day

  1. your photos are gorgeous! Grace looks so beautiful and lovely and amazing! you have quite a knack with your camera, my dear- photography is definitely your thang :)

  2. Marty

    What a beautiful model…………..better watch out…she’ll be on some magazine cover someday ! Glad you got snow. We’ve had a big amount for the south. Right now we’re under a tornado warning. Great photography !!!

  3. too cute she makes me smile after a long day in a seminar!
    I could feel her giiggles.

  4. Hey, fantastic! I’m so glad you got snow. Grace is a wonderful model and you got beautiful photos. What great memories! xo – g

  5. Terry

    You are gifted with so many talents!! These are really beautiful…. xo

  6. Anna

    Ivette, you did a great job with those pictures. grace looks beautiful but than she always does. Love Mom

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