Pretty Rooms: Touches of Pale Pink

I’m not typically a pink girl. I don’t often wear the color nor decorate with it…but…I really do love, love, love the touches of palest pink in these gorgeous rooms.

So pretty right? It’s amazing how this color instantly softens a room and adds such a feminine touch. I may be a pink girl after all…

What about you – do you like this shade?

Hope your week if off to a good start! The sun is shining here so that is making me smile…especially when it’s supposed to pour the rest of the week.



Images via here.


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3 responses to “Pretty Rooms: Touches of Pale Pink

  1. Marty

    I “do” like this shade……..and especially because as you said it is a Pale pink. Am contemplating redecorating. For the last ten years my house has been cranberry, forrest green with some brown and tan. Will be taking up the carpet and can’t decide whether to use hardwood or recarpet. I really love the way hardwood looks but I love the warmth of the carpet. I don’t know if I want to dust-mop or vacumn lol

  2. Hera

    I love pink. Pink’s my favorite color & I wear a lot of pinks. I would love to use pink in any of my rooms, but was never sure. My husband’s not a fan; but he did like your pictures. I agree. The use of pale pink is nice & looks very elegant. I think hubby could live with that. We’ll see.

  3. cate

    I haven’t really been a “pink” person but find I am being drawn to
    these sepia tones of pink lately….very calming….pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!

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