French Note Cards

Hello friends! Hope your Tuesday is less wet than mine! It is dumping rain outside.

I have resolved to spend the afternoon creating a series of Paris inspired note cards…here is my first one…

What do you think? Should I add text to these? I’m thinking a series of six would do nicely.

A trip to Paris might be necessary…you know…for reference.

I wish!

More to come…



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7 responses to “French Note Cards

  1. absolutely stunning, Ivy! I can’t wait to see the completed set!

  2. Marty

    Are you kidding me? You made this ? It is beyond georgous !!!! I Love It !!

  3. Love it. You could add some French text :)

  4. Wow! Looks so pretty! Please, please post the series once you’re finished.


  5. Sybilline

    Stunning! Love the colours and the feeling of it; very well done! (I saw it on Craftgawker! Congrats!)

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