Friday Escapes: Ireland

Happy Friday! With yesterday being St. Patty’s I thought it only fitting that we journey to Ireland today. I can’t wait! Let’s go…

Speaking of castles…you know I have a thing for them…what girl doesn’t? So of course, I found a gorgeous one for us to stay in! We are headed to Lismore Castle just outside of the town of Lismore in County Waterford. Map. If you want to stay at Lismore Castle you have to rent the whole thing out…it costs a fortune but I managed to pull a few strings and got us a deal. ;)

Oh and I have a surprise – I arranged for a coach to pick us up. Why? Because arriving at a castle in a horse drawn carriage is perfectly dreamy…

There is the castle up ahead!

Let’s check in and take a peek at our room and then we can explore the gardens.

So beautiful! Don’t you feel like a princess? Oh let’s stop in the drawing room and have tea and treats before we venture out…


Let’s go for a stroll through the manicured grounds…

Well…I must leave you now my friends. Have a rest on this bench, smell the roses and breathe in the gorgeous fresh air of the Irish countryside. Hope you enjoyed our little trip to Ireland.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


Images via here, here and here. Sounds via here.



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5 responses to “Friday Escapes: Ireland

  1. Marty

    An unexpected treat…….this trip to Ireland. Absolutely beautiful and the horse drawn carriage was a plus ! Happy Weekend Ms. Tour Guide ! :)

  2. Dearest sweet Ivy, such a beautiful trip to Ireland. This is really awesome and this is as close as i can get to travel to Ireland. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Looking forward to connect more with you on our unravelling e-course! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

    • Jacqueline! So nice to “meet” you! Thank you so much for this sweet comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed the journey to Ireland. I must go one day! I just visited your lovely blog…it’s fabulous! Yes, I’m SO excited for our Unravelling course….can’t wait to unravell.
      See you in class. ;)

  3. Hera

    Another fabulous vacation! I love that tree-lined drive to the castle and that beautiful garden. I suppose with all of these Friday escapes you’re taking us on, we’re all going to need to get our virtual passports stamped! Who knew I’d get so much traveling done. Thanks again.

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