Fragile life.

There has been an unexpected death in my family, so I will be away from my blog for a week or so. I hope you and your families are well. Life really is so fragile. It’s so easy to forget that. Kiss your husbands, call your friends and hug your babies. Much love to all.



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8 responses to “Fragile life.

  1. Ivy,

    Sending lots of love and warm thoughts your way. So sorry to hear sweet blog friend.


  2. Hi!! I know your blog today, its very creative. I like so much….
    I go on around here a litle bit more ;D
    Kisses from Madrid

  3. Kelly

    Death is so hard to deal with, and yet, when it comes to us unexpected, it seems all the more tragic. Many prayers and hugs sent your way.

  4. Lyn

    Love you Sweetie…

  5. Marty

    Bless you Ivy and your family. God give you strength and peace. Much Love.


  6. Ivy,

    My heartfelt sympathies and prayers.

  7. Hera

    So sorry. My best to you and your family.

  8. All the peace in the world to you… XO

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