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Friday Escapes: Sydney

So as many of you know, I was born in Sydney and spent a good portion of my childhood there – moving to Connecticut when I was 16.

Like most kids, I totally didn’t appreciate the fact that I was living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My friends and I would spend our weekends gallivanting all over town. From Darling Harbor, to downtown, the Rocks and back again. It was safe, gorgeous and so much fun! Yet, we often longed for a life in the glamorous cities of the United States. We idolized all things American. Cheerleaders, star football players, Celebrities, huge malls, schools where you didn’t have to wear a uniform…the list went on and on. So when the time came for my dad’s company to move us back to the States, my friends were thrilled for me. I was excited too.

I could see it now – walking down the halls of my American high school in my super cute cheerleaders uniform, my quarterback boyfriend carrying my books while a gaggle of new girlfriends follows behind, chattering with excitement about the upcoming Prom! Yes – it was going to be amazing. Ha! I was clearly delusional and had watched far too many episodes of 90210….oh well. A little back story for you…forgive the rambling.

It’s all history now and I love my life in America but researching this Friday Escape brought back so many memories. It made me really, really want to go back and visit Sydney…not gonna happen anytime soon…so in the meantime, let’s go there vicariously…

You know when I find us a place to stay, I don’t mess around. It has to be fabulous or forget it. So I think you will be highly pleased with this incredible penthouse that I rented out for our visit. Check out the location – front row seat to the city….

Let’s go out on the balcony and check out the fantastic view…

And from the bedroom…

images via here

I told you I wasn’t messing around.

Oh…man…where to start? Sydney is a very rich city with a plethora of things to do! It’s hard to pick. Here’s the places I’m going to give you a peek at – The Rocks, Darling Harbor and Bondi Beach. A little history, a little shopping and a little R & R. Sound good? Let’s go! I hope you brought your walking shoes!

The Rocks is drenched in history with fantastic shopping and amazing restaurants and pubs…since it’s a lot to cover I thought it might be best to leave it an expert…

Pretty awesome right? I loved that wine bar! For a little more shopping let’s go to the beautiful Darling Harbor area.

image via here

Full of life, Darling Harbor is never boring. Live performances, street artists, shopping, fine restaurants and lovely parks and vistas – there is something for everyone here! This was our playground on the weekends when I was a kid! I miss it!! I know I usually post static pictures but it just doesn’t do this vibrant spot justice…so watch…

Wow…that was a blast but I”m exhausted! Let’s go lay on the beach…Bondi Beach! One of my favorites…

Here’s another video tour to give you a feel for how beautiful it is!

Oh look…it’s Hugh Jackman going for a jog. “Hi Hugh…hmm…I don’t think he heard me…oh well!

oh wait…he did hear us….he’s turning around! He’s so cheeky!

images via here

Anyway, listen now, the waves can get rough out there so don’t get into trouble…I’m sure it would be just awful if some of Bondi’s lifeguards had to swim out and save you…*wink*

image via here

Alright…enough mischief! Let’s head back to our penthouse…(I really like saying that)…and have a cocktail while the sun sets over the opera house!

That’s what I’m talking about! Sydney is even more magnificent at night!

images here and here

Cheers friends! Hope you enjoyed our little escape to Sydney! I’m ready to go for real, right now!!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!



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Tea obsession & Tabitha Emma

Today I felt so restless. Do you ever get that? Where you just can’t sit down and focus…so annoying! Finally, I decided that a trip to the book store and a cup of tea might soothe my nerves. So off I went, grabbed a stack of inspiring mags and headed home for a cuppa.

While sifting through the gorgeous pages of Somerset Studio and sipping some steaming Chamomile tea, I figured I had better find the perfect tea pot to go with my lovely new tea cup. I headed to Etsy to begin the search…

I have yet to find the “one”, but I did stumbled upon a fabulous Aussie artist, Tabitha Emma, who seems to love tea as much as me. Aren’t these sweet? I just ordered the print below. Couldn’t resist.

And of course, any good tea party has lovely treats to go with it…

Once I find my teapot…I think I will have to get this cozy for it. Tabitha makes adorable fabric creations too!

And Grace…well, she desperately wants this cake purse! Every girl needs a cake purse right? She cracks me up.

Check out Tabitha’s gorgeous Etsy store and blog for more of her beautiful work! Aussie’s rock, don’t they? Speaking of Aussie’s, tomorrow we are headed to my home town – Sydney for our Friday Escape! woo!


p.s. If anyone knows where I can hunt for vintage tea pots online let me know!


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Forest Friend

Hello! It was quite a whirlwind morning as I spent half of my day in Grace’s pre-school class as a volunteer. It’s been a while since I have been around that many kiddos! Whoa. I was a little overwhelmed at first but as the morning unfolded, I found myself really enjoying the kids and watching their interactions.

The letter of day was F! The kids called out as many words as they could starting with F. It was really cute. Forest and Friend both came up, so this afternoon as I was creating some more digital art, I found myself with a theme…

Grace approved of this one and wants a print of it for her room. She’s my biggest supporter!

How was your Wednesday? Hope it was fabulous (my favorite F word)!



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D is for Daffodil

This afternoon, my camera and I spent some quality time with some daffodils. They were growing right outside my window, just begging to play.  These seem to be the baby variety. Perfectly dainty and beaming sunshine yellow,  I couldn’t resist going out into the muddiness of our back yard and bringing in a tiny bouquet…aren’t they sweet?

Hope you are seeing daffodils spring up where you are too! Spring is almost here!


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Pretty Rooms: Touches of Pale Pink

I’m not typically a pink girl. I don’t often wear the color nor decorate with it…but…I really do love, love, love the touches of palest pink in these gorgeous rooms.

So pretty right? It’s amazing how this color instantly softens a room and adds such a feminine touch. I may be a pink girl after all…

What about you – do you like this shade?

Hope your week if off to a good start! The sun is shining here so that is making me smile…especially when it’s supposed to pour the rest of the week.



Images via here.


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Friday Escape: Maldives

Okay so are you ready for your Friday Escape? I am! Thank you so much to those of you who left suggestions. I really appreciate it. I made a list and we will be visiting all the lovely locations you recommended.

Today, thanks to one of my fabulous readers, Hera, we are going to the Maldives!

This gorgeous Island Nation is in the Indian ocean about 250 miles south-west of India. Amazing crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and decadent resorts…it’s a little slice of paradise. Let’s go!

I know…it doesn’t look real. I’ve only seen this kind of beach as a screen saver!  This must be where they get those shots!

We are staying at the Alila Villas Hadahaa resort. The resort is located on one of the tropical islands in the North Huvadhoo Atol. It’s reputation is stellar and many celebrities have stayed here…so it should be perfect for us.

Luxury – check. Amazing – check. Could never afford it in real life – check.

That’s it up ahead…see the little villas that are built right over the ocean! I booked us in one of those…of course. Only the best for my Friday escape travelers.

Welcome to the resort…wanna go see our Aqua Villa….

Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s go inside…

Yeah… this should be just fine. Follow me and I’ll show you where I will be spending most of my time…

So fabulous right? The colors of the water are so stunning! Who’s making cocktails? Oh heck, I’ll just have some brought over to us.

So what do you think? A couple of hours on the deck then we can hit the beach, a sunset soak at the spa followed by a massage then we will hit the bar and restaurant for dinner…sound like a plan?

The two restaurants at the resort, Battuta and Relish serve up Maldivian and Moroccan inspired cuisine. Yum! I love trying new dishes. Want recipes? Go here or here.

I ordered this delectable Moroccan chicken and chickpea dish with spicy avocado! Recipe.

That was delicious! Let’s stroll back to our villa. I am totally ready to fall asleep, listening to the waves…

Wow look at those stars. This place is magical. Okay…lets see take a vote…raise your hand if you never want to leave!

Hope you enjoyed this little jaunt to the Maldives. Pretty amazing place huh? Thanks for coming along.

I hope you have a perfect weekend.


Images via here and here.


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