Royal Wedding Cake Designer

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited for the Royal Wedding! A prince, a princess, a gorgeous dress, a famous city, an amazing ring…I mean what’s not to love?

Growing up in Australia, we were very focused on the Royals, following their every move and relishing in all that lovely (and not so lovely) gossip. I even got to see Princess Diana in person when she and her entourage paraded through Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens one summer. It’s such a vivid memory to me. Her gilded horse-drawn carriage glided through the crowd as onlookers craned their necks to catch a glimpse of her beauty. She waved and smiled – a perfect princess.  As the carriage came closer, I ran to the front of the crowd and (I swear) she looked right at me and waved! I frantically waved back, grinning like a fool! I was starstruck. I was twelve and I can see it like it was yesterday…

With a childhood memory like that, it’s no surprise I’m a little obsessed with the upcoming Royal nuptials! Today, I found myself perusing the official Royal Wedding site and  I couldn’t resist checking out the chosen cake designer, Fiona Cairns. A perfect wedding needs the perfect cake, of course! No pressure. From what I can tell via Fiona’s website, I think she will deliver a gorgeous, whimsical cake…check out these pics of her work…

Beautiful right? So will you be watching the event? My TiVo is all set to record!



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4 responses to “Royal Wedding Cake Designer

  1. Marty

    Yes I will be watching – like I did when Princess Diana married. These cakes are georgous – they are just doing everything in the world with cakes now, aren’t they?

    Just fyi -when I was twelve, I stood at the side of the street as President John F. Kennedy drove past. I was a Girl Scout and we were all dressed in our uniforms. He was almost close enough to touch…..he waved…and said “Hello Girls”
    A cool memory.

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  3. Rachel

    I had a similar experience with the Queen Mum at Westminster Abby. I waved like a maniac and I swear she looked right at me and smiled.
    I’d love to watch the weddingp- can I come over???

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