Tea for Two

Last week, I picked Grace up from school at noon so we could go have lunch together. She begged me to take her back to the “magical tea house”…also known as the Lady Di’s Tea Room. How could I say no to that? Of course, my camera joined us…

Oh so serious…not for long…

the most lovely sweet potato soup and cheddar and tomato sandwiches…yum! Cheese on toast for Grace…

Sweet primroses blooming outside the window next to our table…

for dessert a plate of the most delicious English shortbread! It went fast…I almost missed a photo op!

Sitting there with her, watching the rain outside and nibbling our sandwiches, I couldn’t help but wonder if we were making a memory that would stay with her. I hoped so. My mom used to take me out for lunches like this, just the two of us and I always felt so special. I had her undivided attention and she smiled and listened to all my stories patiently. If I can make Grace feel that same love, that same importance…then perhaps, one day, she will do the same for her child. When I so often feel that I’m not doing enough for her…it felt good to see the happiness in her eyes and hear the excitement in her voice.

A good Mom day.



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5 responses to “Tea for Two

  1. Rachel

    You are so sweet and this looks lovely.

  2. Marty

    Before I even got below the picture of the dessert plate I was already thinking what a wonderful memory you were making for Grace, Just like you remember your Mom enveloping you in her presence and thoughts, Grace will remember her “magical tea house” and have sweet lovely thoughts of your time together. We have a quaint tea room in our town and when my daughter was young we also used to go there – sort of our ‘secret place’ We never took anyone else there with us. Still today she remembers it with love.

    You are a very special Mommie who will never regret a minute of these days spent with her precious daughter.

  3. Awww, how sweet. The pictures are gorg! What a GREAT mom you are. Your daughter is adorable :-)

  4. Ok 1. Grace is adorable, 2. that food looks delicious, and 3. how come there is a tea house in Portland that I never even knew about? I’ll have to visit next time I’m in town.

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