Face painting…

Okay, I had to share all these beautiful painted faces from Grace’s b’day party…they are too cute!

Such lovely princesses were in attendance! Of course, the birthday princess decided she didn’t want her face painted! Perhaps, she felt it would have detracted from her tiara…who knows? I thought it best not to argue with her. She seemed to just love watching her friends have fun.

Her pre-school set up the most gorgeous tea room for her. Unfortunately, I forgot my bounce flash so the photos turned out terrible. So sad. Instead of looking at my blurry photos (I have SO much to learn!) let’s take a peek at this gorgeous princess tea party…wow…

Do you have some birthday parties to throw this Spring and Summer? If so, head over to Kara’s Party Idea blog for more of these stunning images!


Party idea images via here.


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5 responses to “Face painting…

  1. I LOVE that tea set. I always wanted one like that ever since I was a little girl. Someday….

  2. Hera

    It’s so pretty.

  3. wauw how cute all those little girls, wish I was 6 again and could dance around in my princess dress ;)
    Decoration looks amazing, great pix!

  4. Marty

    So beautiful Ivy. 30 years from now, some of these little girls will be saying ‘remember when we went to Grace’s Princess party’ ? You’re making memories ! ! Also, everything looked really yummy. :)

  5. Erica Bach

    Love the pictures! So stinkin cute, would love a copy of Sikha’s face paint (above) Love,Love, Love it!
    What a fun tea party too.

    Erica ;-)

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