Golden hour

Hi there,

Yesterday was so beautiful and sunny and today we are back to the rain…sigh…Spring is such a tease!

Oh well…in the meantime, I’ve been doing some more digital art and I wanted to share this one with you…

“Golden hour”

Don’t you love that time of the day when the sun turns everything to gold? It’s my favorite. A dear friend once informing me that it is called the gloaming hour. I love that.

If you can, go outside during this magical time. Look around you and marvel at the beauty of it…



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4 responses to “Golden hour

  1. Nicole Seeley


  2. I have also heard it called the “violet hours”.

  3. The art is just beautiful as is that time of day! I just adore how you’ve captured it…

  4. I love you. Come down here for some gloaming, soon! XO

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