Mother’s Day in Seattle

Chris surprised me with a Mother’s Day trip to Seattle! Yah! Early Sunday morning, we loaded up the car and off we went. We rented a sweet little condo in the heart of Belltown. Perfect!

This was our view…

You can’t go to Seattle without a trip to Pike Place Market

Here is the little stowaway that came home with us and became the star in my crab linguine.

Brunch at Lowell’s was pure perfection and my mocha…blissful…

Grace and Princess (her puppy) enjoyed their buttermilk pancakes and watching the ferries cross the bay as proud papa looked on…

I went home with a huge bouquet of tulips! What a fabulous Mother’s Day…lucky me. I felt truly blessed.



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8 responses to “Mother’s Day in Seattle

  1. Rachel

    Awesome! Glad you had such a nice trip.

  2. Erica Bach

    What a lovely day! The pitures are so beautiful, Grace is a stunner!! xoxo Erica

  3. Anna

    I’m glad you all had a good time. Pictures are great! Love you. Mom

  4. Love your pics! And even though I was there only for a weekend, it totally reminded me of all of it. Seattle kinda rocks ;) And so do your husband for taking you there. Love!

  5. Ivy, I’m so delighted that you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day, and in my city! :) Wonderful photos, I enjoyed every one. And you’re right, the Market is a must see and you captured its atmosphere so well. xoxo

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