Favorite things: on my desk

Happy Friday!

Right now, I have a collection of items on my desk that I just love…I thought it would be fun to share some link love to these treasures. Here we go…


1. Abby trys again photography

2. Vintage coffee spoons via Cloth and Patina

3. Anthropologie initial mug (I can never find anything with an ” I ” on it – so this was a must!)

4. Mimi Muse Designs coasters (so very pretty!)

5. Anthropologie mercury glass candle


6. Tiny Eiffel tower

What’s on your desk that you adore?

Have a fabulous weekend!



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2 responses to “Favorite things: on my desk

  1. Marty

    What do I adore………….on *my* desk??? hahaha. This has given me the idea of taking a before and after picture of this terrible office. This was my late husband’s office, taken over reluctantly and in small doses by me. Some of his things are still here and I will probably always keep them here. On the other hand I know I should be really making it mine and you have inspired me in many ways – I just haven’t gotten to it. I am thinking of starting the wall this weekend where I will put the lovely print of the princess and the fawn.

  2. So many pretty and charming treasures, Ivy! I love Abby’s photos, too, and your Anthro cup is gorgeous!

    To keep myself focused, I keep my desk very cleared of anything unnecessary – only my iMac, 24″ second Cinema display and my iPad. The only other thing on the desk is a 6″ Victorian fireplace tile of a rose which I got at a London antique market many years ago. That’s where my coffee cup sits.

    But I do have inspiring books, art and bits and pieces that are on shelves above my desk. :)

    Hope you’re enjoying this GORGEOUS day!! xoxo – g

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